The Map of Rama janma Bhumi

Archives - Final Combaind Title of the Hindu Deity

01. Janma Sthan is the place where Ram Lallaji is Virajman

02. The Janma Sthan is certainly a deity and a juristic person

03. There existed a temple on the disputed site

04. Worship of the Hindus continued even after the partial conversion of the Temple

05.The disputed shrine may be handed over to the Hindus under Islamic law

Archives - Final Combaind Title of the Mosque

06. Lord Canning confiscated the landed property on 3rd march, 1858

07. Most of the entries in Register 6 are fake and fabricated

08. Buchanan’s inscriptions are very important to detect the travel of fabricated inscriptions inside the disputed shrine

09. Babur had nothing to do with either the demolition of the temple or construction of the mosque

10. Mir Baqi of the inscriptions is different from Baqi (Shaghawal) Tashkindi in Babarnama

11. Many of other claims are based on erroneous facts

12. Aurangzeb demolished Rama temple and built a mosque thereon

विष्णोः पादमवन्तिका गुणवती मध्ये  च काञ्चीपुरी
नाभौ  द्वारवतीं  पठन्ति   हृदये  मायापुरीं योगिनः।।
ग्रीवामूलमुदाहरन्ति     मथुरां     नासाग्रवाराणसी-
मेतद्  ब्रह्मपदं  वदन्ति  मुनयोऽयोध्यापुरीं  मस्तकम्।।

Virtuous Avantika i.e. Ujjaina is the foot of Vishnu and Kanchipuri is His waist. Yogis consider Dvaraka His navel and Haridvara His heart. Mathura is considered His neck and Varanasi the tip of His nose. Ayodhya is the head of Vishnu. Sages call all these the limbs of Vishnu.

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