Vishnu-hari inscription

(Discovered from the debris of the disputed shrine on the day of its demolition)
Verse 5.
वंश्यन्तदेव कुलमाकुलतानिवृत्तिनिर्व्यूढम[प्रतिम] विक्रमजन्मभूमिः।
यत्रातिसाहससहस्रसमिद्धधामा मो नो जनिष्य जगदिष्टतमोत्तमश्रीः।।

It is the abode of the dynasty which had succeeded in ending all anxieties (over Bhargava’s war) and is the birthplace of a man with unmatched valour, i.e. Rāma. Herein resides the person who is illuminated with the power of thousands of valorous deeds, i.e. Rāma. He may not generate greed in us even for most exciting wealth hankered after by the world.
Verse 21.
व्यूहैर्विष्णुहरेर्हिरण्यकलशश्रीसुन्दरं मन्दिरम्।
पूर्वैरप्यकृतं ..... नृपतिभिर्येनेदमत्यद्भुतम्
संसारार्णवशीघ्रलंघनलघूपायान्धिया ध्यायता।।

He, contemplating a shortcut to cross over the ocean of the world, made this beautiful Vishnu-hari temple adorned with a gold Kalasa, on a scale never done before by any preceding king. It was constructed with the blocks of rocks sculpted out with chisels from the mountain peaks.
Verse 24.
उद्दामसैधबिबुधालयनीमयोध्यामध्यास्य तेन नयनिह्नुत वैशसेन।
साकेतमण्डलमखण्डमकारि कूपवापीप्रतिश्रयतडागसहस्रमिश्रम्।।

By residing at Ayodhyā which was full of towering abodes and temples he, who was the embodiment of righteous conduct, constructed thousands of wells, tanks, resthouses and ponds throughout the Sāketa-mandala.