Philanthropic activities

In the past, the Samiti carried out some other philanthropic activities like, distributing free meals, drinks and medicines to the tune of crores of Rupees.
It held a national seminar on Mundeshwari Mandir, which is an A.S.I.-protected monument and is probably the oldest Hindu temple in the country.
It had installed the statue of Jagadguru Ramanadacharya at a proposed Medical College & Hospital named after him on the campus of Shuja Math, Begusarai, which had received land grant from Prince Shuja, the son of Emperor Shahjehan in 1655 A.D. when he was the Governor of Bengal.
This gesture, of the Samiti was highly appreciated by the people of the area.
Depending on the financial resources the Samiti will develop some other pilgrim centres and take up such other activities which are enumerated in the Aims & Objects of the Samiti. Devotees, interested in the development of any particular pilgrim centre, may write to the Samiti and make considerable contribution for the execution of the plan.